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Terry Clow

After a devastating lower back injury at the age of 49, I tried to find relief through many different methods for over a year with only temporary relief from the pain. At the point I could no longer function, I was referred to Shane at Strength School to find a long term solution to the pain. Shane designed and implemented a rehabilitation program that worked wonders with my lower back pain in just 12 weeks. Thanks to Shane, I am pain free and continue to get stronger every day. I would highly recommend Strength School to anyone looking for a long term pain rehabilitation solution.

Shelia Scott

In five months at Strength School, I’ve lost 24 pounds and 2 sizes. We have a lot of fun, we laugh, we cry, we whine . . . and the trainers are absolutely wonderful.

Don Winters

My legs hurt, my lower back hurt, my shoulders hurt – everything ached. I had a number of doctors who wanted to operate on me . . . But recently, I went back to the doctors, and they said I no longer need an operation. I was having trouble playing nine holes of golf, but now I’m playing eighteen holes a few days a week.

Mike Kelly

I’ve been coming to Strength School for about six weeks now – I’m 75 years old. I’ve had numerous injuries – 23 operations in the last nine years on knees, shoulders, and other parts of my body. My strength had gone about as close to zero as you can get. When I walked, I shuffled and couldn’t really lift my feet. Now, after six weeks, I can walk almost completely normally. I’m gaining strength throughout my whole body and feel great. I’ve just re-upped for another few months here.

Dr. Dianna Boyer

I recommend Strength School to all my patients.

Troy Wood

This is an open letter of support for Strength School.  My son Ethan has been attending for about a year and absolutely loves it!  Due to concussions suffered in football, he had to give up his favorite sport.  Ethan has always been active, and not being in organized sports was hard for him to continue to stay in shape.  I would take him to the YMCA with me to work out, but he wasn’t very interested in it.

We decided to enroll him in Strength School, and he can’t wait to go.   He was excited about spending time in the gym and worked hard to improve.  As a parent, it is greatly appreciated they didn’t lift with free weights until high school and focused a lot on core strength, flexibility, and technique.  Ethan goes with a group of friends and they push each other to do their best. 

Once you start being active at a high level for a period of time, it is really hard to get away from it.  Things he is learning at Strength School is something Ethan will always be able to do, and his passion will keep him motivated for years to come.

The biggest difference I have seen with Ethan is the strength he has gained and the flexibility he has. It is hard to put up big weight and still be flexible, and Strength School has done a great job with that.  He also has pursued other healthy habits, such as being conscious about what he eats based on the discussions he’s had with the staff.

Currently, Ethan can max 185 on the bench and 325 on dead lifts as a 14 year old. I really saw the difference this year in his hitting for baseball, as he could really drive the ball better than he ever could, and Strength School gets the credit.

If you are looking to have your child learn to work out the correct way in a positive environment, Strength School if for you.  The cost is very reasonable when you break it down to the sessions they can attend every month.

Troy Wood

Amy Lyon

Tiffany Belcher

Matthew Douglass

Griffin Stine

Austin Carr